Close up of AWS sign at their offices in SOMA district; Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms

An Overview of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is perhaps the best example of outsourcing that is on the market today. It does not matter whether you need a small or large number of web developers, or database administrators, you can get them with this innovative service. They not only offer excellent package deals but also give you the opportunity to manage your operations on the cloud while at the same time increasing the efficiency of your core business processes. The Benefits of Amazon Web Services There are several benefits of using Amazon Web Services. For one, they help improve the productivity of employees and

Bolstering Business Network Security

Keeping Company Data Secure Business computer security is very important, as it gives employees and clients the confidence that this is safe for them to use the equipment. Keep your business computer secured. Security measures are very important for your organization, since they give protection against malicious hackers, attacks, and other hazards. If your computer is not secured and not protected from security threats, you will lose clients. You can do a lot to ensure that your computer has great security. To protect the computer, you have to make sure that it is locked and protected. Make sure that you

What Makes A Good Antivirus Program?

Choosing the Best Protection What makes a good antivirus program is a question that many people are asking. How do you pick out the right one for your computer? There are literally thousands of software programs on the market and many of them will be useless to you. When you search for a product, you should make sure that it will work with all the computers that you own. Once you have chosen an antivirus product, you will need to make sure that it will work well on your computer. The key to choosing a good antivirus is to read

How to Spot a Dangerous Website

Exac What Makes For Safe Browsing? Online scams are also common in the internet but it is important that you understand how to spot a dangerous website. Once you start your research for the type of site you are thinking about visiting, you must make sure you know everything there is to know about it. There are a lot of techniques online that could help you get started with internet research. If you do not want to be involved in any scams that are detrimental to society, you should always do your own research first. Once you have done your

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The Right Computer Repair Service

Are you looking for a good computer repair service? The answer is, yes. There are different companies and internet sites that can provide you with great services. They charge you but it is worth the money if you are an active internet user. If you are not much active on the internet then you can just visit your local service provider or call them directly. It will depend on your choice. However, if you are regular customers of computer repair service then you might want to stay away from those sites and try to search for one that is more

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Will I Lose Money If I Don’t Use AWS?

With the competition between Amazon Web Services and the likes of Microsoft Azure being at its peak, most businesses are now trying to stay ahead of the game. But what are the advantages of AWS and why do most companies decide to go with this provider? A well-known quote from IT expert Tony Seba is that those who don’t run a service are in fact running a company; and those who run a service are in fact not running a company. What this basically means is that they’re taking advantage of the fact that AWS offers a great service and

The Challenges Of Updating Software

The Struggle of Always Evolving Software It is a challenge for a company to update their business computer network software every six months or so. Although Microsoft offers an “up to date” list of software, updating software itself is not possible as it requires custom development and requires access to the original source code. Updating software requires continuous testing and validation. The release must go through many cycles of support and maintenance, which may be expensive as most of the work is outsourced. Cost for updating software varies from quarter to quarter and sometimes it may be completely out of

White hat vs Black hat: The Difference

Using Their Skills for Good and Evil Hackers and the people who use them, the same people they steal and hack for, are not the same at all. The difference between these two groups is how the people in each group choose to use their abilities and tools. In reality there are two ways hackers use their skills, one way being their own usage, and the other being as a product of someone else’s decisions. The difference between the two is how often they use their skills. These are usually classified as White Hat and Black Hat. The truth is

How to Avoid Malware

What is Malware? Malware is the software that is developed for the purpose of infiltrating a computer without the user’s consent. These malware programs often come in the form of Trojans or rootkits, which give them a foothold on the system and allow them to do as they please. Oftentimes this leads to leaked or hijacked information which hackers and other malicious entities can then use to sell to other people, access private data, or hold files ransom. The first thing that you have to understand about malware is that they are all over the internet. There are different types,

How to Prevent Spam

Keeping Safe in the Age of Information The advancement of technology has also created a need for increased security. As new threats, security breaches, and data leaks occur, ensuring that networks are secure and that users are practicing a safe, healthy browsing habits becomes critical. At one point or another, almost everyone has had to deal with spam in their email. While in most cases it is just a nuisance to receive an email from a supposed Nigerian prince that just wants your bank account info to wire you $42 million, for some spam can be much more insidious. Phishing